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On-the-Road Heroes: Top 5 Travel Games

"Are we nearly there yet?"

In the beginning it was easy-peasy-pudding-and-pie. Romantic mini-break? Great, pack your bags and go! Summer holiday with long-haul flights? What an adventure…

Then, the little nippers came along. And with them, a whole new set of priorities. Holidays changed: convenience is king and once you’re finally all packed up and ready to go, you’ll just want to get there! There's no doubt about it: travelling can be really, really dull for little nippers. These special boredom busters are the perfect way to put the fun back into road trips…

The Biscuit Game

Age: 7 years +
Players: 2 players required (minimum)

We love this game – with no props needed (not even any biscuits) it’s a lovely little crowd-pleaser! To begin, the first player needs to take a moment to think of a biscuit, before announcing “I’m a biscuit, guess what biscuit I am!” The rest of the players should take it in turns to ask questions of the ‘biscuit’ to whittle down the options before finally taking a punt and guessing the secret biscuit! Popular questions might include:

Are you round?
Do you have a filling?
Do you have a topping?

There are just three rules:

  1. The questions asked must be closed questions. This means that the ‘biscuit’ must be able to answer them with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  2. The ‘biscuit’ must answer honestly at all times and cannot change their identity mid-game.

  3. To qualify as a ‘biscuit’ you must be able find it in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket, so Cadbury’s Animal Biscuits, Jaffa Cakes and choc-mallow teacakes are all permitted!

There’s no time limit for this game – just keep taking turns until you’re all out of biscuit inspiration! Scores can be kept if you love a bit of competition.

Car Bingo

Age: 4 years +
Players: min. 2 players required (minimum)

This is bingo without the balls (or pens)! Everyone in the car picks a colour and then counts the number of cars of their colour that drive past. First person to spot 10 cars of their colour and shout “BINGO!” wins.

I’m Going To The Moon

Age: 8 years +
Players: 2 players required (minimum)

Starting with the letter ‘A’ the first player says ‘I’m going to the moon and I’m bringing an…’ and names an object starting with the letter ‘A’ (e.g. Apple). You then move round the car and the next person says ‘I’m going to the moon and I’m bringing an apple and a book’ (something beginning with ‘B’). You keep rotating the play until you get to the letter ‘Z’ and the last person has to remember 26 things in order! The prize? Eternal kudos and high fives all round!

Spot It Game

Age: 6 years +
Players: 2 players required (minimum)

Simply print off this Spot It game (enough copies for everybody you're travelling with), pack a pen each and look out for the things on the list. The first person to see one must shout, and they get a point. Once you've all seen all the items, the person with the most points WINS! You can also play this one on your own, try and spot all the items listed before you arrive at your destination. Get the ‘Spot It’ game…


Age: 8 years +
Players: No minimum

These brainteasers are brilliant fun – little nippers can do them all on their own or with the help of a grown-up. Remember to pack felt-tips or colouring pencils for decorating the surfboard! If you’re coming to visit us here at The Esplanade Hotel we’d love to see how you got on and can give you a hand if you need any clues. Download the brainteasers…

Join us for fun family-friendly escapades…

At The Esplanade Hotel we’re super-proud to be a child friendly, family-friendly hotel with fun firmly on the agenda! We go the extra mile for guests of all ages, offering a free itinerary of family-friendly activities throughout the hols.

This summer we’ve got free tennis lessons, kids yoga, circus skills and much, much more to enjoy – check out the schedule. Courtenay, our lovely Events Team Leader, is on-hand to help ensure your family holiday is a trip to treasure!


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