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Pizza Making Top Tips

Pizza making tips

Every Friday during the school holidays we’ve been doing pizza making sessions (there are still two more Fridays left to take part!).

Inspired by our creative mini guests, we’ve put together these top tips so you can show off your skills at home too…

  • Make the dough ahead of time – even a few days in advance. Storing the dough in the fridge for a period of time allows it to ferment, which can improve the flavour and help it to brown when it cooks. Zip-lock food bags are great for this.

  • Weigh the ingredients out carefully – pizza dough is less forgiving of the wrong proportion of flour than cakes and other mixtures.

  • Use warm water; it will help the dough rise more quickly.

  • The type of flour used can make a big difference. A strong bread flour will work well.

  • If you want to add seasoning to the mixture, make a well in the middle and fold the ingredients in carefully.

  • Ready to cook? Put the oven on first - before anything else! It should be really hot for a crisp crust.

  • Make sure your dough is at room temperature before rolling – if it’s been in the fridge, bring it out, unwrap it, and let it rest while you prepare your toppings – this will make it much more pliable and therefore easier to roll.

  • As an alternative to a rolling pin, use your knuckles to press on the dough ball to work it into a flat – very therapeutic!

  • Make sure you’re working on a well-floured surface, and have little extra flour to hand in case it all gets a bit sticky.

  • If the dough keeps springing back rather than flattening, let it rest for a few minutes before trying again – it’s important not to over-work the mixture.

  • Choose a rimless baking tray or pizza pan, one that conducts heat evenly. If you have a baking stone, even better!

  • Spread a generous helping of cornmeal on the pan or baking sheet to help stop the stick – you don’t want a clingy crust!

  • Don’t add topping right to the edge or you’ll get an overflowing mess round the edges.

  • In a hurry? It’s nice to while away a wet Sunday afternoon making things from scratch, but if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can always buy pre-made dough or ready-formed pizza bases. It’s still great fun to do the rest and you’ve still got the freedom to choose your toppings!


Bon appetit!

Need a recipe? Try Jamie Oliver’s: www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/recipe/pizza-dough

Which are your toppings of choice?

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