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5 Favourite Family Things to Do this Summer


Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Esplanade Hotel is a huge choice of things to do. Here are just a handful of those we think are well worth a mention.

  1. National Lobster Hatchery

Tucked away on the North Cornwall coast lies a home for the vulnerable. This is a story of conservation, safeguarding coastal communities, and preserving coastal marine biodiversity. It has a happy ending though because 40,000 people visit every year to see the young lobsters and their crustaceous friends, and to learn about the problems their species face. Some even adopt a lobster (not to take home mind!). 


  1. Treasure Trails

If the idea of trawling through a guide book and plotting a day’s itinerary makes you yawn, Treasure Trails is for you. They provide a great way to explore areas you don’t know well, and you can choose whether to go on foot, by car or using peddle-power. There’s one for right here in Newquay; get your detective hat on because it’s a murder mystery!


  1. Horse riding

Feel the wind in your hair and benefit from the great views that result from being at least 7 hands higher than normal! From woodland to coastline to moorland pools, there are a huge choice of riding trails and permissive routes, and a range of riding stables that will tailor rides for complete novices through to experienced riders.


  1. Sandcastle building

No, not old-fashioned and unoriginal, sand-castle building is your duty! An ancient art handed down from generation to generation; each family has its own methods, preferred implements, favoured locations and optimum time of day.

And little nippers, we’ll let you into a secret, Mum and Dad enjoy it just as much (if not more) than you do. Shhh, don’t tell them we told you so.

And would you believe it, we’re running an Epic Sandcastle Competition right now! We’ll be picking a winner at the end of August. Click here to read all about it.

Get ahead of the competition by brushing up on these how-to top-tips!

  • Take a few extra tools: Raid the kitchen for measuring spoons and melon ballers – these are great for sculpting windows! Straws are useful for blowing away excess sand and a plastic knife can be used for delicate carving.
  • Etch and sketch: If embarking on a big sandcastle project, try sketching out the area first – spades (or shovels as we call them ‘ere in the Wes’country) are great for that.
  • Jump around: To create a solid base, pour water into the centre of your mound then jump about to compact the sand.
  • Watch the waves: There’s nothing worse than all your hard work being washed away before time, so take a few minutes to observe how far the waves come in and choose your building site accordingly. You should ideally be far enough from the sea that your castle won’t get swamped or made structurally unsound, but close enough that trundling water back and forth doesn’t become a chore.


  1. Lappa Valley Steam Railway

Another nostalgic activity that risks making Dad over-tired with excitement. Choo choo through the woods on one of Cornwall’s oldest railway tracks on trains named Zebedee, Muffin, APT and not forgetting Eric. Equally exciting are the electric cars and boating lakes, and the ‘high-speed’ style mini woodland railway, reserved for little nippers.



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